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List of Invited Presentations

List of Invited Presentations

S.No Name Affiliation Country Presentation ID Title
Kamal Srivastava     India  84  A smart content aggregation and navigation technique in cloud 
Aayushi Sharam     India  108  Survey on current online threats and their solutions 
Amanur Rahman     India  45  Semantic search in inhouse database 
Alex P James     Kazakhstan  128  Memristor threshold logic: an overview to challenges and applications 
Rafi U Zaman     India  228  Amelioration of load balanced gateway selection protocol in integrated internetmanet 
Nikhit Mago     India  238  Partition and hierarchical based clustering techniques for analysis of neonatal data 
Shreyank N Gowda     India  124  Age estimation by lssvm regression on facial images 
Pullela S V V S R Kumar     India  424  Leaf classification based on shape and edge feature with knn classifier 
Sachchidanand Singh     India  268  Blockchain: future of financial and cyber security 
10  Manjula S     India  110  Multiple feature extraction for tamil telugu and english language recognition 
11  Kumar Padmanabh     India  133  Load forecasting at distribution transformer using iot based smart meter data from 6000 irish homes 
12  Nileena Ouseph     India  64  Secure data conveyance using dna word book and digital signature 
13  Sawon Pratiher  Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur  India  462  On the marriage of kolmogorov complexity and multifractal parameters for epileptic seizure classification 
14  Seema Wankhade      India  199  Unstructured data handling tools : a review 
15  Ravi Kishore Kodali      India  489  An iot based soil moisture monitoring using losant platform 
16  gopal sakarkar      India  55  Ontology based searching architecture for intelligent elearning system 
17  Mukesh Taneja  Cisco Systems  India  48  A framework for traffic management in iot networks 
18  Neha Singh     India  68  Automatic parallelization using open mp api 
19  Mamta Jain     India  43  Medical image steganography with rsa cryptosystem using decision tree 
20  Dushyant Kumar Singh     India  284  Review of optical flow technique for moving object detection 
21  RajaniKanth Aluvalu       127  Performance evaluation of clustering algorithms for dynamic vm allocation in cloud computing 
22  Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan  City, University of London, UK  India  249  Visualizing and analyzing dynamic business process using petri nets 
23  anita chaudhari     India  203  Automated iot based system for home automation and prediction of electricity usage and comparative analysis of various electricity providers:smartplug 
24  Ravinder Kaur     India  156  Implementation of neural network for channel estimation in ofdm network 
25  Brinzel Rodrigues     India  233  Two factor verification using qrcode: a unique authentication system for android smartphone users 
26  Gaurav Khatwani     India  345  Consumer preferences of information search channel and the role of information technology 
27  Mohana Mohana  Prof. Mohana Assistant Professor Department of Telecommunication Engineering R.V.College of Engineering, Mysore Road, Bangalore-560059  India  86  Elegant and efficient algorithms for real time object detectioncounting and classification for video surveillance applications from single fixed camera 
28  insha insha Altaf     India  344  Сlustеr аnаlуsіs usіng gеnе Ехргеssіоn dаtа 
29  PATTETI KRISHNA  Associate Professor, ECE Department  India  121  Performance of multi carrier dcsk system over multipath fading channels 
30  Niketa Gandhi     India  348  A review of the application of data mining techniques for decision making in agriculture 
31  Viral Nagori  Asst. Professor, Faculty of Computer Technology (MCA)  India  393  Fine tuning the parameters of back propagation algorithm for optimum learning performance 
32  Guddan Kumari Kumari     India  196  Performance improvement in intersatellite optical wireless communication to mitigate losses using diversity technique 
33  Sibghatullah Khan     India  245  Study of effectiveness of stockwell transform for detection of coronary artery disease from heart sounds 
34  Sudhanshu Gonge  1)Research Scholar,Faculty of Engineering & Technology,Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University,Amravati.  India  378  An integration of svd digital image watermarking with aes technique for copyright protection and security of bank cheque image 
35  Alvaro Rocha    Portugal  158  Towards a model for the quality of local government online services 
36  Anuradha Jayakody     Sri Lanka  231  Optimized accessbim framework to blind individual for wayfinding with crowdsourced data in indoor environment 
37  Arijit GHOSH  RCCIIT  India  403  A smart irrigation system 
38  Ashish Kumar     India  427  Rapid face detection and annotation with loose face geometry 
39  Padmaja B     India  51  Treenet analysis of human stress behavior using sociomobile data 
40  Nanda Kishore Chavali     India  219  Frequency hopping spread spectrum for radio relay applications 
41  Taranath N l     India  138  Ontological representation for mdss using data mining 
42  Varun P Gopi     India  65  Early detection of schizophrenia in gray matter using mr images 
43  Amit Singh     India  292  Dominating set based network coding for sdn 
44  Ash Mohammad Abbas     India  301  Locate promote and split: an exponentially fast localization algorithm for localization in wireless sensor networks 
45  Pushpa P.V.     India  235  Context information modelling for internet of things 
46  DHIRAJ SUNEHRA  JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD  India  236  Web based patient health monitoring system using raspberry pi 
47  Ajith Gs     India  67  Hightech polyhouse cultivation using intel galileo with sensor network through internet 
48  Hrishikesh Narayanankutty     India  61  Interactive learning system for the hearing impaired and the vocally challenged 
49  Pradeep K. Juneja     India  57  Control of stock consistency in head box approach flow system 
50  Mallikarjun Kodabagi kodabagi  School of Computing & IT REVA University Bengaluru-64  India  87  A methodology for machine translation of simple sentences from kannada to english language 
51  Mayank Chaturvedi  Graphic Era University  India  58  Controller capability analysis for a heat exchanger process model 
52  Bala Krishna Maddali     India  432  A framework of smart homes connected devices using internet of things 
53  Narendra Kumar Shukla       434  Utilizationbased power consumption profiling in smartphones 
54  Parshuram Kamble     India  69  Offline handwritten marathi character recognition using lbp feature and dnn classifier 
55  Prajakta Solapurkar     India  169  Building secure healthcare services using oauth 20 and json web token in iot cloud scenario 
56  Preeti Sahu     India  97  Comparative analysis of and gate based and xor gate based clock gating technique 
57  Rameshkumar Joshi     India  130  Integration of plc based offline impedance matching system for icrh experiments 
58  Sanjay Singh     India  439  Path independent real time points of interest detection in road networks 
59  Snehal Barge     India  165  Adaptive spectrum sensing implementation on gsm band by exploiting historical spectrum occupancy information 
60  Sumeet Saurav     India  241  Fpga based implementation of linear svm for facial expression classification 
61  Rahul Waghmare  Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum 695 547 Kerala India  India  356  Effective denoising with nonlocal means filter for reliable unwrapping of digital holographic interferometric fringes 
62  Syed Zeeshan Ismail  Uurmi Systems Pvt.Ltd.  India  208  A reduced complexity channel shortening algorithm for ht and vht wireless lan systems 
63  K. C. Narendra       72  Representation of speech signals using hartley group delay function 
64  Neera Jeyamohan     Sri Lanka  225  An android investigational framework – simplifying mobile forensics using regular expressions 
65  Sanjay B. Pokle     India  75  Optimizing peak to average power ratio in wireless communication system using statistical maximum value distribution approach 
66  Mamata Rath     India  112  Maq system development in mobile adhoc networks using mobile agents 
67  Chere Lemma  Arsi University  Ethiopia  94  Challenges of mobile cloud computing in developing countries: ethiopia 
68  Gaurav Soni  India  507  Experimental investigation of spectrum sensing for lte frequency band based on usrp 2920 
69  B. Hari Krishna     India  78  Protection on sensitive information in cloud cryptography algorithms 
70  K. M. Mahesh Kumar     India  81  Hybrid cryptographically secure pseudorandom bit generator 
71  A. Balaji Ganesh     India  300  Establishment of network coded cooperative communication for clinical healthcare monitoring 
72  JOGESH CHANDRA DASH  PhD Student Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, V.S.S.U.T, Burla, Sambalpur, India-768018  India  183  Design of dual band patch antenna with bandwidth enhancement using complementary defected ground structure 
73  Priya Ranjan     India  398  Enabling energy efficiency of the network management function using autonomic network element intelligence “the access networks to cpe pathway” 
74  Yogesh V. Hote  Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of technology Roorkee  India  430  Analytical design of lead compensator for qube servo system with inertia disk: an experimental validation 
75  Goutam Goyal     India  150  Analysis of 6t sram under effect of process and temperature variation in nano scale cmos 
76  Mohamed Fayad Fayad  San Jose State University  India  145  Knowledge maps = stable pattern languages a halfday tutorial 
Total :  76